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free quote-3-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

Remodeling gives individuals a chance to give their homes a fresh new look or simply add their own character in the mix. The history of bathrooms and kitchens has been dated way back in medieval times where initially, were built on the outside of the main houses. Their structures were mostly constructed for practical purposes until the late 1800s, when character, style and luxury came into play.

Normally when people buy or rent their first home, their first instinct is to change or re-do parts that are not satisfactory to their taste and preferences. In most cases, these people opt for the do-it-yourself (DIY) method where they fix these parts themselves or hire cheap labor for that “quick fix”

There is a big disadvantage that comes with DIY fixing or remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. One will tend to overlook important aspects such as the history of these spaces, materials used during construction and the durability. Whether one is buying or renting a house for a big purpose, such as an investment or simply for living, one could add value to his/her house by hiring Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team because of the following reasons:

  • We are the experts – We will take the step by step process of remodeling (from design concepts to the final product) and also advice where required.
  • Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team have teams of experienced staff who have specialized in specific areas, hence good assurance
  • Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team is also able to give individuals an advanced array of remodeling options to pick from.

free quote-3-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more


Kitchen Cabinets

Take kitchen cabinets for example, a remodeling company will be in the best position to advice on the best material to use for reconstruction. Solid wood is one of the most popular materials used for kitchen cabinets, but Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team may advice otherwise and gives other options that will not only be trendy but also pocket friendly.



Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are places that are used on a daily bases and therefore most people would consider them as places of health and comfort. They both have water elements that make them unique spaces in the home. They have in common sinks, faucets, counter tops, storage spaces which sometimes their condition can be compromised by the various misfortunes caused by water, such us flooding or molds. By hiring Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team, you will be able to take extra measures on good health and hygiene, hence greatly improving the value and enjoyment of both spaces.

It is also important to note that construction fraud is becoming a growing trend which means, not all remodeling companies are eligible. Therefore individuals should also be keen on fraudulent companies. Any remodeling company team that do not have the right accreditation or is not well trained will pose a dangerous risk to your property. We have got all the back and credentials that you can check and verify.


Lighting up your Kitchen with Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team

Lighting up your kitchen can change the ambiance of the kitchen and the surrounding area. Choose LED kitchen lights to revolutionize your kitchen. Whether your kitchen indoor or outdoor, the super-efficient energy saving LED lights will bring your kitchen to life with rich vibrant colors and make it glow even on the darkest of nights

LED stands for “light emitting diode, LED lights are semiconductor devices that emit light when electricity passes through them They are super energy efficient use compared with halogen or incandescent lighting. LED lights are environmentally conscious have an extended usable lifetime than other types of lighting  LED kitchen lights help you achieve different lighting effects with its different beam angles: a narrow beam provides focused lighting to highlight a feature or a wide beam for broad coverage to light up a large area. We have got all the expertise that you need to make perfect LED lightning design in your kitchen.



Advantages of LED kitchen lights

  1. LED kitchen lights are eco-friendly. LED kitchen lights are environment-friendly as they do not emit lead, carbon, and heat which are harmful to the environment.
  2. LED lights have a much longer life span than incandescent bulbs.
  3. Due to the long life span of the fixture and energy efficiency, LED Kitchen Lighting will Save You Money. Low energy use translates to low electricity bills
  4. LED Kitchen lights come in a variety of colors and changing lights patterns. LED kitchen lights come in 16 different colors.  It is easy to change the colour of the light using a remote control or a light controller that comes with the light. 

A flush mounted light is mounted in a niche on the wall of the kitchen. They are very popular and very expensive if installed after construction and for this reason, they are always mounted at the time of construction unless the kitchen is undergoing major renovations. They are less likely to be broken by children using them as a step since they do not stick out on the surface. They are easier to install or retro –fit to replace existing kitchen lights.  They are more easily broken by swimmers who tend to use them as stairs to climb out of the kitchen.

free quote-3-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more


Tips to transform your kitchen using LED kitchen lights

  1. Install enough fixtures to create and enhance dramatic effects. Installing just one fixture in the deep end is not enough as the kitchen ends up being under-lit
  2. In-kitchen lighting should point away from seating areas in the deck to create a comfortable environment for family and friends.
  3. Mount lights at either end of the kitchen for a flawless look. This technique allows for illumination in both directions and eliminates shadows to make the bottom surface of the kitchen look perfect.
  4. Select the appropriate finish colour to achieve the desired lighting effects. Consider that Lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb light.
  5. Use a variety of customised LED lighting packages to transform the experience.

If you don’t think that all these information are enough and you need some expert to make design for your kitchen lightning then we have got your back. Get in touch with us and get the perfect kitchen and bathroom lightning.

You can be able to get good recommendations from trusted families and friends or through advanced research online. Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team with years of expertise in remodeling are always the best to go for because in the end of it, you will get it all – value for your money, comfort, style and luxury.

Updating your kitchen to include a colorful burst of energy or giving it a sleek industrial feel?  Do you want that perfect kitchen island to make the space inviting and functional? Choosing the right design for your contemporary kitchen is key.  Choosing the right kitchen remodeling company like Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team to do the work is even more important.  Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your contemporary kitchen remodeler.



Create A Connection With Your Remodeler

Identifying the feel you want your new kitchen to have is a great place to start.  As the customer, you define what you want, but it’s the remodeler who has the expertise and industry know-how to make your vision a reality.  From your first interaction with the remodeler, make sure that they are receptive to your input and ideas.  Remodelers who communicate proactively and frequently will avoid misunderstandings about the work to be done and the end result, leaving you more satisfied with your new contemporary kitchen.


Be Presented With Options And Timelines

Whether it’s warm wood cabinets, an industrial cooktop and hood or a beautiful stone-topped island, it’s the details that count.  Clients can often feel overwhelmed by the number of individual choices and options available.  Your remodeler should be able to present you with a strong array of combinations that create the feel and achieve the utility you are looking for in your contemporary kitchen. 



Remodeling Your Kitchen Is An Investment

Here are several tips you can follow to make sure that you are dealing with a professional to avoid any pitfalls on the way to enjoying your return. 

Talk with friends, family and coworkers about their remodeling experience.  What would they have liked to know before their remodeling project?  Would they recommend their remodeler?  Once you’ve narrowed down the companies to a few candidates you can also ask the remodeler for references to see what their finished work looks like and talk with their previous clients about their experience working with the team.

Ask the remodeler about their professional certifications and memberships.  Professional certifications and associations can be a strong indicator of the quality of the service you are contracting.  Some common associations include National Kitchen & Bath Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Homebuilders.  A remodeler who invests in certifications and training will not only be on the cutting-edge of the industry, they will also invest quality into your home.

Once the remodeler defines how much value you are adding to the home, get in touch with your insurance company to protect the new investment.  You should also ask for copies of the remodeling company’s insurance coverage to avoid any issues during the remodeling process.

The kitchen is the command center of the house.  The money you spend is value added to the time shared with family and friends.  Having peace of mind going in to and during your remodeling project can alleviate stress and help you enjoy this new phase of contemporary kitchen living.

One of the best treatments that you can give to your kitchen or bathroom is remodeling. However, you cannot achieve the desired results unless you bring the right professional on board. Tallahassee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Team has been consistently producing excellent results. We have all that is required to turn your house into a home.

free quote-3-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more